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A place for more than just notes

When we write, we organise our thoughts and record them on paper. Our high-quality notebooks provide the perfect basis for this: Ink-safe pages, meticulous workmanship and the stylish design ensure a unique writing experience.

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LAMY Digital Writing ncode Notebook

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LAMY Cahier

LAMY Paper Hardcover

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Notebooks (4)


Accessories for your notebook

Make your notes as individual as your handwriting with matching accessories. A high-quality pen, ink in your favourite colour or coloured pencils for illustrations: Here you will find everything you need to create your own personal notebook.


Did you know that our notebooks have a very special ruler? It allows you to decide each page anew whether you want to use it lined or squared. And we also pay a lot of attention to the rest of the details: From the ribbon to the stitching to the pen loop, discover the special details that make our Lamy notebooks so special.

Lamy notebook to complement the writing instrument

A great writing instrument brings a lot of joy - but the icing on the cake of writing fun is the notebook in which you record your thoughts. On high-quality paper, your writing comes out particularly beautifully when the pen glides effortlessly across the pages and the ink dries evenly. And visually, too, a notebook whose design matches your writing instrument looks great - whether for your own use or as a gift.

Discover matching writing instruments

Find the right size for the notebook

In both A5 and A6 format, our notebooks are compact, handy and fit in any pocket. For quick notes in between, to-do or shopping lists, or to record ideas or small sketches on the go, the DIN A6 format is ideal. A DIN A5 notebook, on the other hand, offers plenty of space for your thoughts. That's why this size is perfect as a diary, bullet journal or for more detailed notes at work or university.

Notebooks in different variations and designs

You have probably already noticed: The design of your notebook is as individual and diverse as you are. But all our models have one thing in common - they offer space to form and record your thoughts - at Lamy we call this "Keep what is important". Here we have collected some initial ideas and inspiration that can serve as a springboard for you.

Journaling: Effective method for personal development

Journaling is becoming increasingly popular - and for good reason. This is not mere diary writing, but an effective method for personal development. This is carried out with the help of so-called introspection, in which the writers deal intensively with their own feelings and thoughts - either completely freely, in order to reflect on current situations, or with the help of special journaling tasks. Questions that can serve as a starting point are, for example:

* Describe two events in your life that have made you the person you are.

* Describe yourself in 10 words. Then list 10 words that you wish applied to you. What can you do to get closer to your desired words?

* Describe one thing you regret. What did you learn from that?

Whether you use journaling to increase your mindfulness, work on your mindset, or just get creative: Diary writing can positively influence your personality development in many ways.

The Bullet Journal: Planning tool and journal in one

Bullet journaling is where reflection from journaling meets planning and organisation. In addition to to-do lists, learning plans, a budget plan or sketches for the next DIY project, you can also design tools in the bullet journal such as a habit tracker to help establish healthy habits, or pages where you can record your goals for the coming week, month and year. Depending on your preference, you can also include a diary component here or capture beautiful memories with the help of photos, tickets and the like.

With the help of hand lettering and calligraphy, you can give your bullet journal a particularly individual touch and let your creativity run free. Here we have collected ideas and inspiration together with designer Betty Soldi.
In our range you will find a wide selection of notebooks suitable for bullet journaling and handlettering.

Frequently asked questions

How do I keep a notebook properly?

How you design your notebook properly is very individual. If you like it neat, then a very structured method is right for you: The first pages of the book are reserved for the table of contents. Even before you start taking notes, think about what you want to record and allocate fixed sections in the notebook to the different topics.

If you are not the type for predefined structures and want to keep your notes flexible, however, there are no limits on your creativity either: Design the pages of your notebook individually with ideas, thoughts, memories and experiences or use it as a guest book for events you want to remember for a long time.

What can I write in a Lamy notebook?

Our robust, stylish notebooks are suitable for a wide range of uses: Our special Lamy ruler offers orientation for your handwriting without limiting you in your possibilities. Lecture notes, to-do lists, sketches, diagrams or drawings are in good hands in it, as the Lamy ruler can be used both squared and lined. So you can choose each page anew whether you want to design a chequered or lined page - which makes our notebooks ideal for creative design or calligraphy, for example.

Important additional material such as business cards, information flyers or even small mementos find their place in the folding pocket in the cover. The elastic band for closing keeps everything together and prevents anything from getting lost.

What else can you do with Lamy notebooks?

Our high-quality notebooks are also a pleasure to give as a gift: Surprise a loved one with a Lamy notebook and matching pen. Our softcover notebooks are modelled on the colours of our LAMY safari series and complement each other perfectly visually.

Style enthusiasts will also love our hardcover notebooks. The combination of the brushed metal look of the cover and the coloured side cut makes it an eye-catcher on every desk. The side cut is inspired by the colours of the writing instruments in our AL-star series and looks particularly impressive in combination - a great gift for fashionable people of all ages.

Our compact paper booklets are ideal for on the go: In the space-saving, lightweight notes, your thoughts are also quickly and conveniently recorded in between.

Discover more gift sets here

Technology enthusiasts, organisational talents and frequent writers have the opportunity to combine their analogue notes on paper with the limitless possibilities of digital writing with our LAMY digital paper notebook. The accompanying smart pen (LAMY safari all black ncode) can be connected to your smartphone or tablet thanks to the innovative ncode technology and transfers the writing from paper to a digital notebook in real time.

What formats are available for Lamy notebooks?

Both our hardcover and softcover notebooks are available in DIN A5 and DIN A6 sizes, each with 192 pages. They are also equipped with two bookmark ribbons, an elastic band for closing, a practical folding pocket in the cover and a loop for a pen.

Our booklets are also available in A5 and A6 and are each bundled in sets of 3.

The LAMY digital paper Notebook is available in 145 x 210 mm, which is only slightly smaller than A5 format.

What materials are Lamy notebooks made of?

Our 90g/m2 ink-permeable paper prevents ink from bleeding through on the reverse side. Furthermore, our notebooks are made of acid-free paper, so that the sheets are particularly resistant to ageing and your notes are preserved perfectly for a long time. The individual sheets are bound together in a book block with thread stitching, so that no sheets come loose, even in the case of particularly dearly loved copies that accompany you everywhere in your bag or rucksack.