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Welcome at Lamy

Handcrafted writing instruments that write design history: At the heart of the Lamy philosophy lies the Bauhaus principle "form follows function". Thus, aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and writing feel are at the forefront of product design. Everything so that our customers receive timelessly elegant writing instruments of the best quality that will accompany them for the rest of their life.

Thinking Tools by Lamy

The possibilities of the Thinking Tools from Lamy are almost endless in their diversity - whether analog, digital or both. They offer every personality, every attitude to life and every message a very individual form of expression. Let the protagonists of our LAMY Stories inspire you.

Our most popular models

Timeless, reliable, elegant: That's what unites all Lamy writing instruments. Discover the most well-loved models of other Lamy fans and find your personal favourite.


The responsible use of material and social resources is a core value of Lamy. Sustainability is a task that we face every day: Our lived responsibility for product, environment and society is directly reflected in the quality and durability of Lamy products.


It is not the appearance alone that determines whether a writing instrument fulfills your personal wishes. The ergonomics, the feeling in hand, how the nib glides over paper: Those are also a major part of the writing experience. Experience the Lamy products at your local retailer and convince yourself of the quality in real life.