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LAMY dialog

Lamy meets Franco Clivio.


A unique twist-action fountain pen
The LAMY dialog is a ground-breaking capless fountain pen with retractable nib and clip. Half a turn and the sophisticated 14 carat gold nib glides out of the pen while the massive clip retracts onto the barrel. The LAMY dialog represents a successful symbiosis of the most innovative writing instrument technology and the most progressive design of our time.

Design: Franco Clivio


The twist-action fountain pen. The first fountain pen with retractable nib and clip. Twist-action mechanism. Fountain pen with twist-action mechanism and matt black lacquer finish; clip palladium finish; 14 ct. bicolour gold nib, partially platinum; with ink cartridge LAMY T 10 blue and converter LAMY Z 27.

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