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Ideas, quotes and emotions of “Inkspired” with Betty Soldi

Betty Soldi is the author of Inkspired, a book about the beauty of how handwriting makes you feel. Taking seasonal elements from its motivational pages, Betty shows day-in-the-life moments with her playful style of creative calligraphy, enjoying self-expression and sprinkling personal touches in the everyday.

The action or power of moving the intellect or emotions, a divine influence exerted upon the mind and soul. The feeling that you want to do something and can do it – a creative impulse to produce inky writings and words.

How to get started at creative writing

Writing is speaking. Handwriting is often perceived as silent, and yet it expresses so much - who we are, how we feel when we write, what has brought us here to express ourselves this way…


Downloadable PDFs show original ways of bringing writing to life – from variations of her own “Alphabetty” A–Z letterforms to adding leafy or floral seasonal touches to lettering whilst capturing the beauty of writing words in new ways.


Instead of writing your message on a card, write it on a large piece of paper and then wrap it around your bouquet or plant. Bring written words to life and share them with your loved ones.

“Variety is good for the soul and there are lots of different ways of forming letters. Moving forwards will be so much more about letting go than about control.”

Betty Soldi

Betty Soldi is a calligrapher, designer and creative thinker with a multi-faceted approach to a constellation of inspired projects. Born into a Florentine family that has been handmaking fireworks since 1869, Betty likes to say she now “makes fireworks with ink”. Her unique calligraphic skills merge graphic design with old type, modern colours and unique touches to produce branding, bespoke objects, packaging and stationery. After many years of living in London she is now based back in Florence with her creative design consultancy studio.

Her favorite LAMY Lx dipped into the Crystal ink series to give shape to magic.

X-Mas Lettering

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