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Digital worlds

Welcome to the future of handwriting! No matter whether it's drawing, writing or sketching, a digital pen is indispensable when it comes to creative work or everyday tasks. Our digital writing products are of the highest standard in terms of appearance, ergonomics and technology. This makes them ideal for anyone diving into the world of digital writing for the first time, but also for digital natives and technology enthusiasts.

Find your new digital pen here!


All those who are at home in the digital world will discover a loyal companion for their creative work in this stylus - be it drawing, sketching or writing.

Functional details
  • Works completely without power
  • Can be used on glossy and matt digital displays
  • Ergonomic design
  • Different writing tips available
  • Technology from Wacom Japan
  1. Engravable

    LAMY AL-star black EMR

    As low as $149.00
    incl. VAT, plus shipping costs


It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing on a digital display or on paper, this pen can do both. This makes this hybrid pen ideal for all tasks and ready for use in any situation.

Functional details
  • Works completely without power
  • Multifunction pen with digital EMR pen tip and ballpoint refill
  • Can be used for smooth and matt digital displays
  • Ergonomic design
  • Different writing tips available
  • Technology from Wacom Japan


The smart pen for all those who can’t do without paper as a basis for writing. Continue to work analogously in the notebook and the Smart Pen will do the rest. 

Functional details
  • Battery life up to 11 hours
  • Digital ball pen
  • Converts written notes from the notebook directly into the app digitally
  • Ergonomic design
  • In collaboration with NeoLAB
  1. LAMY safari ncode Digital Writing Pen

    incl. VAT, plus shipping costs

EMR or ncode? What sets our digital writing tools apart

Our EMR pens LAMY safari all black twin pen EMR and LAMY Al-star EMR come with the so-called EMR technology (Electromagnetic Resonance), which means that the pens do not need to be charged and work on smooth and matt digital displays as a result of various selectable writing tips.

Make your notes, sketches and drawings easily on paper with the LAMY safari all black ncode: the Smart Pen recognises what you have written in the accompanying LAMY digital paper Notebook thanks to its integrated camera. This means that with the LAMY safari all black ncode you work normally on paper, the smart pen transfers the data via Bluetooth to the free app and you can access your notes both digitally and analogue and also edit them again afterwards in the app.

The right accessories for your new digital pen

The writing tips and ballpoint pen refills in our digital writing products can be replaced at home with ease. Order the matching parts conveniently online.
Note: The LAMY safari all black ncode only works as a smartpen in combination with the LAMY digital paper Notebook. If you have written all the notes in the notebook, you can buy them separately.

Perfect Match!

To find out if your device is compatible with one of our digital writing products, simply click below. In this list you will find all the devices and operating systems with which your Lamy stylus can be used - including, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and many other popular models.

Familiar feeling - digital writing like on paper

With our writing instruments for digital writing, you don't have to give up the familiar feeling of paper. With the LAMY safari all black ncode you can actually write, draw or sketch on paper; the LAMY safari all black twin pen EMR has an integrated ballpoint refill in addition to the EMR tip, so you can switch flexibly between writing on tablet and on paper.

Lamy Smart Pens: Handwriting of the future

Hold a piece of the future in your hand - with the digital writing instruments from Lamy. Modern technologies enable us to combine the best of technology and tradition to create pens of the highest quality.

Digital pens from Lamy with EMR technology

Wacom's patented EMR technology is based on electromagnetic resonance. The pen does not need to be charged and you can let your creativity run free - anytime and anywhere.

Frequently asked questions

Can I write with a Lamy tablet pen like on paper?

Lamy's EMR pens also work on a paper-like tablet or on an end device on which an additional foil has been applied to imitate paper. The LAMY safari all black twin pen EMR gives you two writing instruments in one: The stylus contains both a refill for working comfortably on a display and a ballpoint refill for writing on paper. With the LAMY safari all black ncode, you write normally in the LAMY digital paper Notebook and the smart pen transfers the writing to an app.

Which Lamy Touch Pen is the right one for my device?

We have compiled a list here so that you can check quickly and at a glance which of our pens is the right one for your device.

Which Lamy Smart Pen is best for drawing on the tablet?

All our EMR pens are suitable for creative work on the tablet. Depending on your preference, we offer writing tips for all types of tablet surfaces: Tips made of PC/EL for glossy, glass-like surfaces (available with round or pointing contour) and tips made of POM for matt, paper-like surfaces (also suitable for tablets with paper-like protective film).
From these three types of writing tips, choose the one that perfectly suits your writing and your tablet.

Which devices is the Stylus Pen from Lamy compatible with?

The Digital Writing pens are compatible with many media (including, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra). To find out whether your device is also included, we have listed all suitable devices for you here.

What distinguishes Lamy's EMR stylus pens from other smart pens?

Unlike other digital pens, the LAMY AL-star EMR and the LAMY safari all black twin pen EMR do not need to be charged. They function via electromagnetic resonance and draw electricity from it. No more tangled cables and always ready for use anywhere: the only limit is your own creativity. Our EMR pens are also based on the well-known design of the LAMY safari product family and are ergonomically and technologically of the highest standard.

What is the difference between Lamy EMR input pens and a smart pen?

A smart pen processes the writing autonomously and can capture handwritten notes and transfer them to an end device. Furthermore, the pen has a rechargeable battery that needs to be recharged over and over again.
Lamy writing instruments with EMR technology, on the other hand, function entirely without an external power source. The stylus is a passive writing device, so it cannot store any data itself.